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  • Why Are You Afraid Of Me?

Why Are You Afraid Of Me?

  • December 18th, 2014

I'm seeing more and more of this -especially on tech sites. On the contact us page all they offer you is a form so that they can qualify you. What I don't see is anything about where they are located, [...]

  • Change is a Grand Thing

Change is a Grand Thing

  • December 14th, 2014

From time to time owners update the brand visuals, hoping that it attracts a new stream of customers. They do this not because of some grand strategy, but an assumption that the brand image needs some polishing.

While the visual [...]

  • Retirement? Hell No!! – That’s for Old People.

Retirement? Hell No!! – That’s for Old People.

  • December 7th, 2014

Over the past few years I've come into contact with a growing number of baby boomers who refuse to embrace the concept of retiring. To them it is more of an re-alignment of goals. They're self-image is not of [...]


Too often we are buried in our daily whirlwind of business activity to remember the value and importance of our brand name.  Ed’s weekly email tip not only helps me bring focus to this oft overlooked business necessity, but it also provides great, quick insights on how to develop, build and protect my brand identity.  He’s like having a nagging mother telling you to wear a scarf in the cold … but because of this nagging, we never catch a cold and his constant reminders keep our brand strong.
Stu Sutton, Client
It is interesting to note that a majority of businesses feel that branding is marketing- the fact is, you cannot properly market if you do not have a well -defined BRAND. Ed’s tips are very valuable to aid in this.
Karen Plunkett, Associate
Ed is so amazingly talented at branding.  I struggled with a name and logo for my company for two years.  He nailed in 10 minutes.  I was blown away!!
Patricia Buxton-Dakides, Client

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Get Branding Help and Learn Branding Techniques

Get Branding Help and Learn Branding Techniques

Get Branding Help and Learn Branding Techniques