NAV2Ed Roach’s Brand Navigator is ideally suited for companies/organizations who have the desire to raise the bar within their category and have their brand clearly defined so that it absolutely resonates with their prospective customers.

Branding is critical in understanding where your company fits into the grand scheme of things. In the public domain, discussions on branding are almost exclusively focused on multi-national brands. Brands we see in our daily lives. Brands such as Apple, General Motors, Google and McDonald’s. In discussing these powerful brands it becomes hard for small and medium size enterprises to recognize the value of branding. To these entrepreneurs, branding is the domain of world companies. Not so.

Small to medium size businesses are the main employers in our marketplace. From my experience a great majority of them do not take any control over the management of their brands nor do they claim any resonating position in their marketing. Re-branding to a large number of them is simply putting on a new face. i.e.: new logo and marketing materials.  SME’s are a demographic who could stand to benefit immensely once they got a handle on how branding can position them as a leader in their category, invigorate sales staff and control perceptions on the street. Understanding just what their brand stands for allows them a greater opportunity to consistently tell their story, build relationships and drive sales.

With each passing step in my branding process I facilitate with companies, I observe a growing excitement with each participating company. Step-by-step, I see the branding team starting to get it. From discovering their governing brand values to discovering their brand personality. Each reveals truths good and bad that guides them forward to an improved understanding of their brand. As SME’s start gaining control and recognizing how they can differentiate themselves as a leader do they begin to realize just how much the exercise will benefit them. It is inspiring to see their management and stakeholders excited in how they are going to bring this newly acquired brand awareness to their customers. They begin to recognize that they can definitely have an impact on how their brand is perceived and what what measures are needed to nurture it.

What’s fascinating is that the unique positioning is typically not something we have to invent, but more pulling from their existing experiences. Buried in their work flow are gems (or seeds) that need feeding. My job is to pull these forward and get the brand to see their unique benefit as a bridge to satisfying the customers needs. This discovery of their new positioning strategy, absolutely empowers everyone. It shows that if you take a bold position, you can stand for something greater than simply a clever slogan. Branding in totality changes a business. In most cases it encourages management to take a harder and critical look at themselves and make changes that make your brand authentic in your customers and other stakeholders eyes.

Managing this understanding is where the control of your brand comes into play. Ignoring branding, leaves you exposed to an unforgiving marketplace, where customers don’t understand or care what you stand for and your competition takes great joy in defining your brand for you. You have to step up if you want to become the leader, if you want to own your colour and if you want your brand to stand for something that gets prospects to your doorstep allowing sales to welcome them in. Once past your threshold can you then build a mutually profitable relationship that you both can grow on.

Customers want to work with strong brands and strong brands want to satisfy customers through exceptional relationships. Branding delivers on this in a memorable way.

Brand Navigator is a proprietary process owned and developed by Ed Roach of The Branding Experts with the help of a savvy team of branding peers from Toledo, Cincinnati and Chicago.

Brand Navigator works from the premise that building a leadership brand can be accomplished from the input of a range of stakeholders working as a branding team. This team doesn’t work from assumptions, but tangible steps based on pros and cons that we can build from. The process has built in validations that gives the team confidence in their discoveries.

Brand Navigator is facilitated by Ed Roach, who’s experience and creative spirit catapults your brand forward. Heads of companies have marveled at revelations that come out of the process. Benefits such as:

  • Getting buy-in from the top down
  • Re-invigorated sales staff
  • Turning employees into brand advocates
  • Strengthening a brand complimenting a succession strategy or sale
  • Increased awareness to your target audience
  • More consistency for your brand
  • All stakeholders are speaking from the same page
  • A stronger brand image with an ability to own your own colors
  • Brand development based on a leadership strategy not merely advertising spin
  • Identifying brand deficiencies that can be built on
  • Brand validation research results from Employees, suppliers and customers
  • Establishment of meaningful brand values defined
  • Driving advertising with a brand personality
  • Bringing your brand up to date
  • Increased awareness

Brand Navigator is not an online course, but a live event at your location (on-site or off). Timelines are based on availability, budget and delivery targets. As you might imagine, the entire process is quite extensive in scope. If you’d like to invite Ed in and evaluate our presentation on this proven branding solution contact Ed Roach immediately to set up a meeting with you.

In the mean time, here’s a few testimonials touting the benefits of teaming with The Branding Experts in focusing your brand…


In the late nineties the patents expired on all of our products and they were readily copied by manufacturers in the far east. Without a brand strategy our market share began to erode quickly. Early in the new millennium, we consulted Ed Roach of the Branding Experts and began to build a brand for our company. As a result of this brand strategy, we have re-gained much of our market share and established Guardog as the premiere brand in the skating accessory business. Our collaboration with the Branding Experts has been an essential part in the re-birth of our company.
Marc Evon, President, Marc Evon Enterprises Inc.
Let me start off by saying that rebranding or creating your brand is not something you can do effectively on your own. It truly does take an Ed Roach with a proven approach, process, courage and creativity to take you through the steps. Our experience with Ed was outstanding in the transformation of the firm internally and externally and turned out to be a master stroke in terms of outcome. With our new identity we were finally clearly defined and at our first public (industry) rollout in NYC the resultant branding stopped people in their tracks, created conversation, leads, sales and a stir……photographs and compliments were routine….absolutely amazing. The theme was repeated in Las Vegas, Vancouver, Toronto, Minneapolis and at home during presentations and facility tours. You need to do this and Ed Roach is the guy.
Ken Wheeldon, Former General Manager and Director of Operations, Suntrition