Monthly Archives: May 2008

How to Compete with FREE!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been observing a common situation that continues to get the blood boiling among Graphic Designers world-wide: Logos done fast ‘n cheap!

A company I have an association with tried their hand at using those cheap logo factories on the […]

Small Business Branding Interview

In case you are unaware, I also write weekly for Small Business Branding, and they honoured me with the first in a series of interviews with their business writers. You can find it here. We will also being doing podcasts in the […]

Forget The Logo, It’s The Brand That’s Costing You Money!

To a lot of graphic designers and advertising agencies, brand and logo are interchangeable. To be clear they should be referring to your brand image or your brand logo – there is a difference. A logo is just a small part of your overall […]

Do You Have A Magical Brand?

I just spent the last week with my wife walking the theme parks of Disney World. We haven’t been there in many years and a lot has changed. I have to admit that the Disney brand is alive and kicking […]