Monthly Archives: July 2008

My first eBook unleashed!

You may have noticed the new promotion to our right. This the my eBook, The Reluctant Salesperson: An introvert’s guide to selling. It is the result of a discussion I’ve had through blogging with introverts from different parts of our planet who find it […]

When the cat’s away, the mice promote.

Summer is in full swing. It’s hard keeping clients focused when they’ve got golf to play and families to take to the cottage. Deadlines are pushed out and your sales are slow due to this desire for pleasure. Go figure!

What’s […]

What To Do – What To Do?

All around us the sky is falling or at least it appears that way. Even the best among us have days where it is tiring to keep the wheels spinning. Where is our next opportunity, when can we take a break and enjoy the […]