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Self Publishing Made easy!

Have you got a book in you but don’t want the expense of publishing it?

Well thanks to on-demand printers like and you can write your book, – upload it into their templates – and publish […]

Van Heusen, Dressing For Brand Success

Van Heusen roots go back well over a century. Innovation and insight having played a large role in it’s continuing success starting g with its self-folding collar in 1929. Today the company owns and distributes many of the top selling world brands such as […]

Commitment To An Idea

Well, as you can see from all the short post-links to Brand Booster 21, Vera Raposo and I are finally finished with the series over at her blog: Small Business Branding. One thing that I learned was that 21 days flies by. When […]


Vera wraps up the 21 day event with the three most popular posts and requests your input as to the effectiveness of the series.

DAY TWENTY: Brand Booster 21

Second last day at we are covering’”Public Speaking An Other Promotional Vehicles“.

DAY NINETEEN: Brand Booster 21

Get Out There And Nurture Your Brand” – thats the call to arms today in The Branding Experts’ and Small Business Branding’s 21 day branding lessons.

DAY EIGHTEEN: Brand Booster 21

Everyone can benefit from Developing Their Expert Profile. Discover how you can accomplish this at Small Business’s free branding lessons.

DAY SEVENTEEN: Brand Booster 21

Find out more about “Email Marketing“, in today’s session.

DAY SIXTEEN: Brand Booster 21

Blogging As A Marketing Tool.” Today’s topic.

DAY FIFTEEN: Brand Booster 21

Today Vera and I discuss “Branding Your Online Brand“. Enjoy.