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Beat your competition with boldness!

The following is a response I gave in a blog on small business branding. Their attitude towards branding was correct, but I took issue with their answer to a question about how to differentiate a company from the competition. The example company was a […]

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Don’t copy your competitor.

This afternoon I passed no fewer than 4 trucking company semi’s all sporting corporate logos that had a swish icon. They were either horizonal or vertical, red or blue. I’m sure if we check back with each of these companies, […]

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Do you have a problem with the brand of ‘brand?

As discussed in a previous post regarding the meaning of brand, I wonder sometimes that perhaps the brand of ‘brand’ is weak and maybe it could use significant strengthening. Graphic Design and Advertising professionals are probably most at fault for mis-interpretting the brand as […]

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Newsletter Blogs replacing email newsletters

This more a comment on blogging replacing e-mail newsletters. Currently I’m on my 30th issue of an email newsletter that I send to accepting companies. While surfing the other night I came across an article which stated a belief that RSS feeds (BLOGS) will […]

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What is a brand anyway?

It amazes me when I speak with heads of companies how much they misinterpret the term brand, when it relates to their corporate brand. They basically believe it to be strictly the logo and perhaps the marketing material.

This is where the education starts. […]

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