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I’m leaving this post open for anyone who wishes to as a question of myself or any of the readers. I wish blogs that I read had a question area – because often times I have a question that I know their audience has […]

Are you ‘open’ for business?

I had an interesting conversation with Jaimy Weiler, Executive Consultant. Her company’s name is One Heart Waking. We were discussing my interpretation of the book/DVD The Secret. Essentially the Secret is the law of attraction. Which I took to mean, positive […]

Calling all introverts! I need your advice!

If you’re in business, chances are you’ve had to sell something to someone. Maybe it’s a product or service. When a lot of people start their businesses and they look forward to building their empire, one thing many of them don’t enjoy is selling.

They […]

IAMs what IAMs

Proctor and Gamble have just launched damage control ads in 59 major newspapers explaining the steps that they have taken to ensure their customers that the tainted pet food issue is seriously being addressed. Advertising Age covers this launch nicely.

I hope […]