Monthly Archives: August 2007

Just say AYES to on-brand thinking

In my quest for a topic to discuss this week, I came upon a very good organization that assists auto dealerships with staff training. That organization is called the “Automotive Youth Educational Systems” or AYES. Apparently 4,500 dealers participate in this organization to […]

Bad Auto Dealership Brands Are Good for Business!

This month I am participating in a lively discussion on branding auto dealerships over at Branding Wire. The following is part of that discussion:

Its been said that necessity is the mother of invention.

I was reading Derrick Daye’s […]

Here’s the deal – Trust Me!

The entire model of the concept of buying a car is waiting for an innovator who refuses to do it as it has always been done. We are waiting for the Richard Bransons out there to show us a better way. IKEA has done […]

Summer is a tough time to develop articles.

So here are some links…

Not being a writer, it is rather tough to come up with a couple of thought provoking articles a week. One for my personal blog (here) and one for Small Business Branding. And today I agreed to be […]