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What makes a great brand logo?

Before we even discuss any of the creative aspects of a logo let’s see how your logo works with your existing brand. Assuming you know what your brand values and personalty is, you are going to want your brand logo to reflect these […]

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When sales people don’t sell…

What happens when sales people don’t do what they have the skills to do? When economies are good and businesses are humming along, many sales people joke that products sell themselves. But once the economy catches up and sales numbers […]

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What is your Impression of Graphic Designers?

Graphic Designers. They are the talented people who bring your marketing materials to life. They are the people responsible for selling your products or services from a visual perspective. They are communications experts.

Those are my words. How do you feel towards graphic designers? What […]

How Branding is Relevant in a Slow Economy

If you understand your brand and are passionate about it, then you have a better than average chance to weather the storm of a slow economy or recession. If you’ve been addressing brand issues and have built your company on […]

10 Key Questions to consider in Developing an Effective Brand Logo.

My background is that of a graphic designer. Being in the industry for over 25 years, I have developed several hundred logos. As a matter of fact it is something I never tire of doing. After all of that time […]