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(Snatch Your Coin) Follow up…

The web is a great thing. One of my regular readers from down-under, Robert Kingston commented on my “How To Snatch The Golden COIN!” article over at Small Business Branding Blog, and brought to my attention – Zentact - an […]

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Snatch Your COIN!

I just wrote an important little article on the importance of COIN (Circle Of Influence Networking) over at Small Business Branding. Essentially I discuss why it is valuable to your brand to keep an eye out for opportunities […]

How To Make Your Blog Mobile!

A quick note if you’d like a fast way to get your blog on mobile phones.

First off, I bought the domain, “ over at and then forwarded it to the feedburnerlink of my existing blog.

Now when a reader enters in […]

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5 Steps To The Motherlode!

That next telephone call or email could be the mother lode of opportunities. If you’re anything like myself, you’re fiercely proud of what you’ve accomplished to date. The relationships built over the years have not only delivered happy customers but […]

Did You Get My Latest Newsletter?

I just released the 53rd issue of my FREE newsletter,
. In this month’s issue the articles are:
• Santa’s Branding Checklist
• Advertise Your Online Business
• Joint Venture Benefits
• Great Meetings Are No Accident
• Networking Follow-up Tips
• The Power Of […]

The Brand Called You

I’m reading a pretty good book on personal branding called, The Brand Called You. So far it’s filled with pretty good information and action plans. I’ll deliver a proper review when I’m done. I thought if you were considering […]