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My Opinion Super-Sized!

I’ve put together a two volume collection of all my articles over the past 2 1/2 years. Every now and then I get requests for articles I’ve written and so that has inspired this collection. I’m offering both at […]

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Looking Back For Business

We are always looking ahead for new business. Wondering what is over the horizon. One often over-looked direction for new business is behind you.

I’m talking about your legacy clients or past customers. The folks you did business with as […]

Is The Internet Undermining Brand Profit?

I’ve been reading opinion online that suggests that the internet by it’s nature is undermining the brand and by extension reducing profits of companies. Before the internet allowed people to search for goods and services globally, there was less downward […]

I’m Quoted On "Online Branding" Story

Check out today’s article in the Windsor Star (Windsor Ontario, Canada) on branding yourself online.

Pump Up The Volume!

One thing a challenging market accomplishes is, it lets you know how safe your brand has become. It’s a scary place to be. From the day you opened for business, until this revelation, your brand has had its ups and […]

How To Use Compliances To Beat The Competition.

Compliances – those nasty regulations that are imposed by business associations and the governments can actually be used to your advantage. The notion is to develop your own self-administered compliances and market them as differentiators. Drop by my compliance blog, Compliance Brander to […]

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You Can’t Keep An Entrepreneur Down!

Who is Margie Stein?

Margie Stein is an entrepreneur from Naples, Florida. Together with her husband Michael, they own Stein Builders. Stein is a premium home builder in the greater Naples area. The sub-prime fallout has dampened the new home building market there, not […]

I Made The Homepage of Business Week!

I got a great compliment this week over at Business Week. I just happened to be on their blog and commented on how I handle personal presentations. Shirley Brady, their Community Editor contacted me asking if I wouldn’t mind them putting me on […]