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What’s That You Say?

Recently a customer asked me what difference it would make if the CEO of a company were the author of a blog but didn’t allow comments? My immediate answer was that that I didn’t think that they should have a blog if they had […]

Boost Your Brand in 21 Days!

Starting on November 2nd, over at Small Business, myself and Vera Raposo (owner of SBB) will be hosting a FREE branding course we call BRAND BOOSTER 21! Every single day for 21 days, we will present a new […]

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Smile and Move

Here is a great PR idea for you and very inspirational as well.

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Marketing Tips Tele-Seminar mp3, Online Branding

Yesterday I was featured on Marcia Hoeck’s “Marketing Tips Tele-Seminar” in a one hour interview on – Online Branding. This is a topic I am asked to discuss quite often these days. Marcia’s free series might interest many of you as it […]

Interview with Christian Home Business Connection

Blog owner Laurie Neumann from “Christian Home Business Connection” contacted me a short time ago to interview me as a small business owner. Laurie was interested in my work habits and take on running my business. It gives a good over-view as to […]

Financial Benefits of Branding.

I spoke to a group of CFO’s in Ann Arbor Michigan a few years ago on the benefits of branding. This group didn’t care about marketing benefits but only how branding can save money. Bottom line.

Number one – consistency. How the brand image […]