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Are you up to re-branding?

You’re starting to hear it more and more in the business community, “We need to re-brand ourselves!” If this sounds like your current battle cry, ask yourself this question:

Am I really prepared to do what it takes to actually re-brand ourselves?

And with this […]

A new brand for Detroit!

The Detroit area has just released the results of a branding effort whose challenge was to brand Detroit AND surrounding areas. Crain’s Detroit Business has a good article on their efforts.

I think that they have done a good […]

Does it matter if you’re real?

This past week, I had lunch on two separate occasions with friends who are embarking on business ventures involving direct selling, (multi-level marketing, pyramid etc). One was trying to sell me, one was just updating me on his progress. What struck me was there […]

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Can my blog help you?

My request for information regarding Windsor, gave me an idea: if there is a question you would like to post to my readers, let me know and I will post it for you. Thanks.

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Have you ever heard of Windsor, Ontario, Canada?

This is an open question to all who visit my blog: Can you tell me what you know if anything about my city, Windsor, Ontario, Canada? All I ask is that in your response you tell me which city you hail from.

We here at […]

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Help make the web safe for kids.

There is a good message circulating on the web right now that I thought I should help draw attention to. It is directed at porno sites that have have free content on the splash pages, allowing kids to view it. It is not aimed […]

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Help me welcome a friend to blogging…

An associate of mine, Marcia Hoeck from Toledo, Ohio has joined us in discussions on branding. Her “temporary” blog is at: Brands That Connect. I’ll update this link when she launches her official site soon. Marcia and I are charter members of a […]

Please, PLEASE do my poll!

I get regular traffic to this blog every day. Why don’t they fill in my poll? I thought it would be a no brainer. Are people afraid of polls? Blogging by their nature gives opinion a place to breed, so why not give my […]

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How to take your online brand image to another level.

Your online brand. It’s a heady challenge. Many small companies do not take their web presence as serious as they should. Many view that presence in the simplest of terms. It is just a digital representation of their printed brochure. No matter what industry […]