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You Too Can Partner in You Tube.

Using video, create a channel on the popular video site, You Tube. Whether you manufacture something or have some great case histories to share, use a You Tube channel as your delivery vehicle. Join forces with a complimentary company and […]

Marketing Using Direct Mail – Online and Off.

Direct mail takes on any number of forms. I utilize a mini portfolio with inserts that fit into a shirt of jacket pocket and full color postcards. My clients use vehicles such as 9″ X 12″ portfolios (folders), four page full color sales flyers, […]

Use The Web Domain As A Marketing Tool

Do you want to take advantage of something in the marketplace that resonates with your target audience. A great example of this is the green movement. You may also have developed a unique process, that you’d like to promote. […]

What Small Businesses Are Afraid Of.

A study was recently conducted (March) that spelled out the fears and pain points of small businesses. Tops on the fear factor is ‘not marketing effectively’. Clocking in at 38%. The other two in the top three fears is , ‘never being able to […]

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