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How To Keep A Secret & Increase Sales!

A key strategy in branding is differentiation.

All businesses think they are different from the other fellow, but the fact is; most businesses follow – they do not lead. If you’re comfortable in this slot, then chances are your business […]

Guest Posting Reel’s ‘em In.

I’ve probably said it a thousand times that blogging is a great way to build your “Personal Brand”. Expressing your opinion to a vast audience and providing information that they can use right now is priceless. For me, it’s a […]

How Rude! (GUEST POST)

For most of us obligated to attend business meetings and/or workshops, these events can be looked on as somewhat unproductive, lengthy, wordy and generally boring, but in this age of technology we are now able to add another negative aspect to these meetings/workshops… the […]

Survey Your Team

Now is a great time to take a closer look at your team to see where your brand lies in their eyes.

By team I mean stakeholders such as employees, suppliers and customers. Survey each of these three groups and […]

Going Mobile in 2010

If you’ve been watching the business news lately you will notice that a lot of companies are shifting to the mobile platform. Apple recently purchased a mobile ad network, Google is launching their own smart phone, and the […]

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