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Here’s A Chance For Your Blog To Shine…

Over at Chuck Westbrook’s Blog, there is the unique opportunity to jump in on the ground floor of an initiative to help the blog’s unsung heros get the traffic they deserve. Chuck is NOT doing this as part of any lead-in to […]

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How To Avoid The Meltdown Mentality.

Over the years I been through economic downturns and recoveries and a great deal of small businesses traditionally roll up their rugs and hide in the dark until its over. Marketing budgets being one of the first things that got […]

Does Size Matter?

I ran into an acquaintance yesterday and we got to talking about business. He made the comment, “It’s important to look big – don’t you think?”

It’s an interesting question. In our culture we equate big with success. Big houses, big cars and trucks, […]

Blog your Enthusiasm!

Here’s a great blog that focuses on enthusiasm. In these edgey times, we all must work harder to stay positive and not let negatives bury us.

It’s Time to Re-Charge.

Everyday we stress the ups and downs of the marketplace. To keep your brand fresh, it’s important that you stay in shape physically and mentally. You can’t have the visionary of the company coming unglued. For the physical – go for extended walks or […]