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I’m Looking For Your Opinion…

Have you had a chance to pick up my free ebook: The Reluctant Salesperson, to the right, on the side bar? I’d really like to know what you think of the content. Comment below and tell us what you think. -Ed

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How To Blog Successfully.

Yaro Starak is offering up a nice bit of free information for any of you who are interested in drawing traffic to your own blogs. It is an interview with one of his mastermind students who gets nice numbers on his […]

Up Close and Personal with 12 Extraordinary Entrepreneurial Role Models for ONLY $37?

A NOTE TO MY READERS: This post is in support of a trusted and valued colleague of mine who has put together this valuable summit for any entrepreneurial spirit who could use some encouragement to online success. For the price of a few cases […]

Chris Brogan’s Got Some Great Tips!

Over at social media expert, Chris Brogan’s blog he mentions 6 things you should do this year. The first one resonated with me:
“Find a new way to improve someone’s day (and determine if there’s value in it).” Chris is certainly on top of […]

You Know Your Brand’s Gonna Suffer When:

If you happen to be looking for flash points for your brand, then you’ve come to the right place. What you are faced with is 51 ways that will negatively impact your corporate brand. Steer clear of these bad situations…

You know your brand’s gonna […]

10 Small Business Action Tips!

Most small business retailers I’ve had the courtesy to meet, typically use traditional marketing to get business through their front doors. This means running print ads in the local press and waiting for the resulting traffic. They don’t go out […]