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Is Your House In Order?


Are you looking for that magic bullet that will reinvigorate your community and attract investment? Direct your attention to place branding. Like corporate branding, place branding embraces positive experiences to lure and win site opportunities, for communities around […]

Give Back Bucks.

Employees and suppliers are often over-looked as advocates of your brand. Both have a vested interest in your success. Here is an idea that will nurture their love for your brand.

Give Back Bucks!

Have some paper money printed up that […]

Write Your Way To FREE Publicity.

Publicity – it is seen as free advertising. Everybody wants positive publicity. Wouldn’t it be great if you could control publicity?

Well you can.

There are two ways to get publicity that you can do today that has a good […]

Are You Getting My Weekly FREE Branding Tips!

Every week I email several hundred companies my FREE branding tip of the week called, “Ed Roach’s Two Cents Worth.” For a taste, take a look at this week’s installment.

For more like that, just sign up and start getting great tips every […]

How Branding Can Impact Your Bottom Line

So – you’ve decided it’s time to cast your own shadow. You are an entrepreneur at heart, and you’ve got the encouragement of family and friends. You’ve talked to an accountant and corporate lawyer. You signed a lease on a great new office, and […]

Comply or DIE!

Differentiate or die – stand out from the crowd – swim free from the sea of sameness, these phrases are the mantra of the modern branding mind set. You and I know that they are true, but their implementation is […]

My Newsletter Is Available On Your Mobile!

My FREE monthly eNewsletter, “USEFUL INFORMATION” is available on your mobile phone right now. Just go to my information signup page and request the the FREE Newsletter.

It is currently in it’s 56th issue. It contains a feature […]

Do You Purchase For Pleasure or Pain?

We are all consumers. Our motivation for purchasing has been studied from every possible perspective. Two avenues of purchase I find intriguing are pleasure and pain. An example of this would be upgrading my Mac because it is too slow. […]