Monthly Archives: May 2009

Light A Flame Under Your Leader Brand!

As the head of your company are you exhibiting the traits of a leader? You will command more respect if you position yourself as a definitive decision maker. Wishy washy gets you no points in the decision arena. […]

Opt-in Email – The Perfect Crop!

Now that you have your lure in place, ie: an eBook, or video, white paper – something of value to your audience, you are ready to make it available for FREE. If you are using an email service such as iContact or Constant Contact, […]

Share Your Expertise And Build Leads.

The hardest realization for any small business person is to come to grips with the fact that they are experts in a given area. It’s not that they don’ t think that they are knowledgeable in the category; it is […]

Are The Two Faces Of Your Brand Teasing You?

During the course of a consulting call this week, we discussed whether the face of the brand should be the individual or the company? It depends on what your overall goals are. If you are looking to build your expert […]

Branding Relevance to Recuiters and Graduates

I had a terrific article sent to me from a Colleague entitled: “Recession Can Be A Gift Horse To Recruiters/Graduates” by Prof. Daniel Muzyka. The article outlines why companies should be showing more respect towards students because of their value to you further […]