Monthly Archives: July 2009

Conquer Your Fears!

Every one of us has fears we’d love to conquer. Is it a fear of the water? A fear of heights? How about public speaking – does that get you spooked? Fear keeps us from reaching our fullest potential. Let’s […]

Great article on using social media to grow your personal brand

I’ve discovered a great blog written by Hasan Shirazi called: Steps To The Top where Hasan discusses using socila media to improve your personal brand. The article is honest and direct. I love the comprehensive array of links to assist you in your […]

The Competition is Gunning For You!

Don’t kid yourself, the competition is anxious to see your lifeless body behind them. Now is not the time to for a wait and see approach. Are your branding weapons locked and loaded? Now is the time to check your […]


68 Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd.

Mike Michalowicz – the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur has a terrific post where he features the opinions of 68 individuals (myself included) on how to differentiate your business and stand out from the crowd. Bring a coffee, it’s a generous read.

Things That Should Be On Your Radar!

There are plenty of tools on the web that you should be investigating to better your business opportunities. I speak to groups of business professionals and what I thought was common knowledge is completely new information to
many. […]