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One Solution to a Scary Economy.

Unless you been away from the planet, you may be unaware of the situation with the financial markets. As bad as it is, we still must make a living, and dwelling on the negative isn’t going to get you anywhere. […]

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Packaging Your Brand

Once you’re happy with your brand positioning, it’s time to take careful consideration as to how you package your brand. You want to develop a brand image that compliments your brand values and personalty. Since differentiation is the key, your […]

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Get The Media To Quote You.

Here’s a great brand builder. Peter Shankman has a fantastic email service that sends out opportunities that connects you with a journalist looking for professional sources for articles or books they are writing. It’s called Help a Reporter. You […]

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FREE Weekly Branding tip Podcasts

I have just launched my FREE WEEKLY BRANDING TIP podcasts on my website. I will also be showcasing new ones here on my blog as they come out. If you would like to subscribe to my FREE WEEKLY MAILING OF BRANDING TIPS […]

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I Made America’s Best Magazine

The cover story for the July/August issue of America’s Best magazine is on “Branding Your Business”. I was interviewed for this article. In it you will find lots of great common sense solutions for branding your business. Other branding […]

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