Monthly Archives: August 2009

Professional Tear-Off Tags!

We have all seen hand-made versions of this idea at our local super market or conveneience stores. They are typically displayed on the community bulletin board. They are offering free kittens to a good home, or some other […]

Hey! I Think They’re Getting It.

More and more clients are beginning to realize the relevance of building their expert profile online and benefiting financially from their efforts. I am getting increasing requests to help entrepreneurs start blogs, make their web presence more valuable to visitors and develope tools to […]

Brag! Brag! Brag!

All our Moms told us that it’s not nice to brag. Well it’s about time you start (I’m sure your Mom won’t mind).

Don’t just assume visitors to your website, or readers of your promotional materials will understand all your […]

Let Them Wear Swag!

Are you looking for some un-monetary way to reward employees
and suppliers who might go above and beyond in their duties?

This idea was tabled during a committee meeting I was involved
with yesterday – logoed apparel, and various gifts such as spa visits
and iPods.

Your […]

How To Be Found Online!

Everyone wants to be on the first few pages of a Google search. You might consider search engine optimization (SEO), or a large online promotion.

What I’ve found to be very effective is blogging.

Blogging builds your expert profile and exposes your personal brand. […]