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Survey Your Team Podcast

This week’s podcast discusses speaking to brand stakeholders.

Fix It. Brand It. What Comes First?

The title of this article is rather a trick question. The fact is you have a brand already. Everything does. If your brand is essentially your reputation, then your brand is created through the relationship it has with it’s audience. […]

Radio As A Branding Channel

Guest Author: Tim Fenn

Radio has been proven time and time again as one of the best mediums for branding due to the intrusive nature of sound as opposed to the passive nature of visual mediums.
You have to look to […]

Brand Trust…

Do you have a trusted brand? Listen in on this week’s tip for more on this…

Photography Can Be Hurting Your Brand

Guest Post by Mariano Pastor

Vision is the most advanced of our senses. We understand the world through our eyes and images play an exceptional role in human perception-we evolved to make fast decisions based in what we see. To determine […]

How 5¢ Blemishes A Brand

The shopping experience today is getting greedier on the alter of the green environment. I take offense to this change in service. The #1 perpetrator is the grocery store. Not long ago, it used to be that you paid your […]

A Mentor’s Advice

I happen to mentor as part of the organization, “New Canadian Centre of Excellence.” This group helps newly emigrated entrepreneurs find employment or assists them in starting new businesses. The recipients come from every corner of the world. My […]

First Time Here? Read This!

If you’re new to my blog or a regular for that matter, welcome! Something you should know is that are almost 250 articles here that address how you can improve your brand right now. The great thing about the information […]

Changing My Blog’s Name

From here onward my blog will be known as - Ed Roach: The Branding Guy.™ This addresses my progress in branding myself. As I meet people I’m repeatedly being addressed as “that branding guy.” So I’ve decided to embrace it. The new name addresses […]

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