Monthly Archives: March 2010

Two Wolves Podcast

This is a great inspirational podcast perfect for your corporate OR personal brand.

Closing Time? What Closing Time?

According to the Enterprise Council a whopping 71% of small businesses say they forward or accept calls to their homes or mobile phones when they’re not in the office. Most entrepreneurs I know, (including myself) are accessible when ever […]

How to Set Up A Podcast.

If you’ve noticed here at The Brand Corral, I’ve started putting podcasts of Branding Tips up once a week. The tips are short and sweet and hopefully useful. I put them together myself and you should too. It adds […]

Brand Icon Podcast

In this podcast, we explain the value of a brand icon.

Mentor – Coach or Trusted Friend?

Wikipedia defines mentors as: “a trusted friend, counselor or teacher, usually a more experienced person. Some professions have “mentoring programs” in which newcomers are paired with more experienced people, who advise them and serve as examples as they advance. […]

5 Tell-Tale Signs That You’re A Bookshelf Brand.

“A Bookshelf Brand” - it sounds like it might be a compliment doesn’t it? We might think that our bookshelf is where we keep our important stories and reference resources. I can see how one could think that way, but […]

How Would Ed Do It?

If you are no stranger to my blog (here) or my website, you will know that I offer an awful lot of free advice. I have covered every aspect of branding and shared the wisdom of others whose opinions I […]

Sound Advice

We are all familiar with visual brand images, but have you ever considered audio brands as part of your image? Every brand has a visual image including their logo and color palette. These elements are often developed with a special […]

Join Your Customers Online

Because most businesses customers are online today, marketers are switching more and more of their promotional dollars to email and web marketing. In a recent survey from Unica, 45% of marketers answered positive that they would be switching more […]

Results May Vary

Building businesses whether online or off, is actually a long journey. The road to your success will be wrought with hurdles and rewards. And for all the business plans and marketing strategies that you pay hard earned cash for, one […]