Monthly Archives: June 2010

Why Brand Values Matter.

Just what do you stand for? In order for you to grow your brand effectively, you have to know your brand values. What are the characteristics that define you? These values are such that without them it would fundamentally change your brand. Let’s say […]

Scensory Branding

This week’s podcast is on scensory branding:

Branding Voodoo That’ll Smoke The Competition

There are lots of ways that you can approach your brand to make it more effective. Some can be
costly, while many are simple and relatively inexpensive. It is the latter that I will outline for you today. They don’t […]

10 Yrs. To Build, 12 Min. To Destroy

I have been offline over the past week due to a tornado touching down in our backyard. A terrifying experience. It came at 3:00 in the morning, waking us out of a sound sleep. Of course we had no idea […]

How To Be Found Online Podcast

This week’s podcast is, “How To Be Found Online.”

Drew Gerber Speaks on PR and your Brand

As part of my interview series with “Thought Leaders,” PR guru and author, Drew Gerber from “” shares his wisdom with us. I’ve been following Drew online for some time, so I was pleased as punch that he agreed […]

Ask and Discover A Stronger Brand Inspiration

The next installment of my eInterview series is on it’s way to this blog. The next interview is with PR guru Drew Gerber and his perspective on the value of your brand in relation to public relations. I […]