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Enhancing Resumes With A Strong Expert Profile Podcast

The Success Formula:

Quest writer: Lora Crestan

Delivering on vision + dealing with the here and now= Success
What is your formula for Success?

5 Reasons A Listening Brand is Powerful:

1) If your job is to provide valuable service to a customer (and most of us do), it behoves you to be on top of what they need from you. It’s your job to over deliver and make the experience […]

Fingers and Toes Networking – Which Are You?

I’ve been reading a lot lately concerning networking. The general discussion has been the effectiveness of the endeavour. The interesting thing for me, was that it was generally seen as a one or the other scenario. It seems that most […]

23 Public Speaking Secrets Gleaned from the Greats

Quest writer: Lora Crestan

Whether you’re giving a report in a college classroom, or delivering a speech to thousands, public speaking is an important skill to master. Everyone has their favorite tips, including picturing the audience naked, but no one says it better […]

How To Let Out Your Inner Author!

I’m quickly adding tips to my growing list of branding tips. You see I am planning on taking all the tips from the past few years that I have been sending out every Wednesday in “Ed Roach’s Two Cents Worth” […]