Monthly Archives: March 2011

Do You Have Brand Scent?

This podcast discusses using scents as an icon for your brand.

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After years of running your business, things change with your brand. Edges wear and everything gets a little tired. I wrote this eBook to address exactly those issues. It’s entitled – “15 Branding Things That Your Competition Doesn’t Want […]

Your Brand Is More Than Face-Deep

Every brand is more than its brand image. We all identify a brand by it’s image and logo, but the true power of a brand is in its relationship with its audience. Many entrepreneurs fail to understand the depth of […]

Routine, Repetition, Recognition, Results

Guest writer, Lora Crestan.

Execution requires good direction from the leader. More importantly it requires focused attention on details to get the job done well.

Using the four R’s can help you get the execution you are looking for, from your team or yourself.
Have a routine. […]