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Time Marches On

I imagine you’re like me and are amazed that Christmas is right around the corner. In the past year have you been able to raise your brand awareness? Has you brand gotten stronger? I look back and can see clearly how my […]

Are Values The Foundation Or The Roof?

I am in the middle of a discussion among branding professionals on the subject of brand values and when they should be established. My belief is that they must begin any branding initiative. The opposing view was […]

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Slim Down For Success!

When your company goes to market are you doing it with messaging that spells out all the many services you perform? Is your marketing the king of the bullet point? I admit it certainly is tempting […]

Is Your Business Leary Of Facebook?

I’ll admit it – I’m not  a fan of Facebook for business. I’d much rather Linkedin. At Linkedin, it “thinks” like a business environment. Everything is geared to making that connection and sale. Facebook, is way too personal for me. I really […]