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A Book On Sales With A New Twist

Would you even consider reading a book on sales and selling if the author themselves was not a salesperson or at the very least involved with the sales industry? I agree, typically I wouldn’t either.
But in his new […]

Gitomer: A Great Service Brand!

Another great Gitomer book!

Last week I attended one of Jeffrey Gitomer’s seminars in London Ontario. I’ve been a fan of Gitomer for quite some time. Twice before I lamely attempted to attend one of his events […]

Blog for Business.

A familiar song that I sing is “Blogging For Business.” I definitely get benefit from my blogging efforts. Things you can expect is not only leads but publicity and opportunities. A colleague of mine,

Feed Yourself First!

It’s first thing Monday morning. As I sit here contemplating the week, I’m thinking about what efforts I’m involved with that help my own brand.

I have one networking event, a sales seminar with Jeffrey Gitomer, […]