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Check Your Brand Positioning in 5 Minutes

Understanding brand positioning is very important if you want to correct misconceptions and off-brand opinions of your brand. You may have every intention of analyzing your brand to make sure that it is in a position of strength by participating in scientific […]

Does Web Viagara Exist For Your Brand?

I’m having great fun promoting my new book, “101 Branding Tips” (blatant promo). My main store front for distribution is Amazon. I am working on the Kindle version at the moment. Amazon presents a number of […]

Why Hijack My Subscriber List?

I’ve had my weekly mailing to my subscribers hijacked by competition over the last few weeks. For as clever as it was, I can’t see what the benefit was. I won’t give the guilty party any more free publicity, but as a […]

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Embrace The Limb

Considering all the words I write on branding, essentially all I’m saying is that if you’re not playing, you’re losing. That’s not to say that  you’re not successful, but that you’re not being the best you can be. I’m saying that marketing […]

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