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What’s your brand saying about you?

It’s all over the street – nobody really knows what you do there at ABC Co. It’s not like your customers or potential customers are spreading bad news about you, it’s more the fact that they’re not saying anything at all. There is no buzz. Everybody knows you but for some reason that’s not translating into tangible business. You appear to be doing everything right on the ground. But are you really?

From my experience dealing with SME’s (small to medium enterprises), a common misconception about marketing is that have to list everything that they do on their business cards, brochures and marketing materials in general. “Ed,” they tell me, “if I don’t say – it I don’t do it!” Maybe you’re saying too much. They seem to feel that an overall strategy is less important than a great eye-popping graphics. Manufacturers give more space on their marketing materials to pictures of their plants and group shots of the entire staff. Retailers are preoccupied with getting that price as low as possible and pretending to have great service while remaining closed on days popular with customers. Service businesses are more concerned with their convenience than their customers by relying entirely on email for connections.

The common problem is not that you may be known physically, but you’re unknown intellectually. Your customers can’t identify you with a need they have for your products or services.  They’re confused. It’s a common communication/branding problem.

The few example above point directly to:

1) No positioning strategy. Your audience “is never everyone” it’s always a segment. It’s the segment that brings the most cash your way.