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Why A Budget Brand Comes At Too High A Price!

At a recent event I had numerous exchanges with owners of businesses not unlike many networking opportunities. Of the dozen and a half business cards that I took back to the office with me I would have to say only […]

The Reality of Brand Building

One thing I always tell people interested in pursuing brand building (versus simply marketing or selling their product) is that it takes time and money.

If you don’t have time, you better have a lot of money; and, […]

7 Reasons Why Sales People Love Uniquely Positioned Brands

Sales people are on the front line of any business. They get the crap when things go south, and they get praise when all is well. They are typically at odds with the marketing department, because they are not part […]

Brand Perception versus Brand Reality

Is your brand in tune with the reality that is the minds of your customers? If you’re finding that customers have the wrong impression of your company then this is something that you are going to want to address. The […]

How to Brand Yourself.

I’m asked this question from time to time. Of course my first reaction is that you already have a brand. You’re not aware because you you are not paying close attention to yourself. You’re like most small businesses and […]

Arm Yourself With My 25 Item Brand Arsenal!

1. Business Card
Your business card is your personal billboard. Use both sides and make it as professional as possible. This is your image, don’t cheap out.

2. Business Stationary
Hardcopy: envelopes, letterhead, checks, proposals
Digital: invoices, statements, proposals

Make sure each item has a […]

Brand Positioning

This video is the visual presentation I use when I speak to groups on positioning a brand. The goal of positioning is to have your brand focus on what separates you from the competition. Based on differentiation, what can you embrace that makes your […]

Change … Are You Ready?

In today’s world, people everywhere are being held accountable – accountable to shareholders, bosses, other employees and most importantly .. to themselves. But we must remember one major thing ….. we are living an Age of Instability. The question is […]

Joe IS The Company!

What if you were to die tonight? Would you company cease to exist tomorrow? If so, then it’s obvious that all of the client relationships with key clients rests with you. This exclusive dependance on YOU can have a devastating […]