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Brandless At The Beach – NEVER!

Just because you’re on vacation and lounging at the beach doesn’t mean your brand has to relax too. Here are ten ways you can promote your brand when you’re supposed to be relaxing:

1: Build a sand model of your store […]

Jump And Grow Your Wings On The Way Down.

The headline to this article is a quote from a client of mine – Belinda Bond. Belinda is the visionary behind the Celebrity Mama Tour. I thought it was the perfect bit of advice for entrepreneurs. How many times […]

It’s Not About You.

“It’s Not About You” Podcast. How to solve your customer’s problems.

Testing The Apple Brand

The new iPhone and iPad have a similar problem – antenna strength. I’ve been a Mac user since it’s inception in ’84 and I have never (knock wood) had any issues with it’s new products until the iPad. Wi-Fi signal strength drops away the […]

Samaritan’s Purse Are A Case History In Great Branding

This evening I had a follow-uo conversation from two gentlemen from “Samaritan’s Purse“. A little over a month ago, our neighbourhood endured three tornadoes and Samaritan’s Purse were one of the aid organization who rushed to the town’s […]

The Change Curve Conundrum

I was present at a short discussion on change management today. Essentially the premise was that once learning of some life altering change to your personal life or business, you at first fall from denial and shock, only to finally pull up and out […]

From The Horse’s Mouth Podcast

From The Horse’s Mouth Podcast: