Monthly Archives: October 2010

Succeeding On A Tack!

It seems to me that our comfort levels are our worst enemy. Once achieved, it’s like hull speed on a boat – you can’t go any faster. It is at this point that our brands stand still. You become so […]

The New Brand Advantage

In a lot of ways starting a business and giving birth to a new brand can be an exciting process. No one knows who you are yet, so they have nothing to build an opinion on. On the other hand, […]

The Internet Allows A World Brand

Today I was fortunate to meet a designer ( Julie Pudlowski) who while based here in Dar Es Salaam, has clients and resources world wide. Her main business is The United Nations. Here I am doing a project in Dar Es Salaam. […]

A Brand Needs To Influence The Message

I’m in Dar Es Salaam, in Tanzania on a branding project. In one of our meetings, a manager pointed out the fact that they are getting public criticism due to the fact that while progress on the construction phase of the project is commencing, […]