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DoYou have A Mobile Brand?

So I guess that was 2011. It was a pretty good year for the Branding Experts’ brand. Interesting opportunities and a growth of my brand strength within my marketplace. I have an affirmation of my promotional strategy from […]

Positioning Is King!

Online and off, one the most important services I am often engaged to perform is the development of a positioning strategy for small to medium size businesses.

A positioning strategy is not simply a cleaver slogan but a powerful […]

Is Social Santa coming down your chimney this year?

Has SME’s (small to medium enterprises) taken up the social networking banner? I’m coming off one of my branding projects and as part of the research we asked the brand customers if they use Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or […]

Seven Secrets to Disaster Preparedness for Your Brand

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How To Release Your Brand

So many businesses around us pay very little attention to their brands. Some are under the illusion that to have a brand is a question of choice. As some have said to me, “Ed, I’m not ready for […]

Santa Brand!

Another great brand move is acknowledging your customers and advocates at Christmas. Ending the year onĀ  a high note is very motivating while you’re moving into a new period. Looking back over the year appreciating those who saw […]