Monthly Archives: August 2012

Is Your Brand Believable?

I’m struck lately by large companies who say one thing but clearly speak out of the other sides of their mouth. It strikes me that some PR person or ad agency is advising them to put a great […]

Fiverr Comes Through in Branding promotion

I’m in the throws of developing a promotion strategy for my new book, “101 Branding Tips – practical advice for your brand that you can use right now.” I was browsing through and came across this dynamic duo […]

Designing A Very Public Logo For London, England

I read with great interest the very public way London, England is developing it’s new logo. It has at its basis the tried and true “I Love NY” logo. After the public out-cry and backlash the […]

Branding Yourself Online

This is the presentation I use when discussing Branding Yourself Online.

Forget the logo, it’s the brand that’s costing you money!

To a lot of graphic designers and advertising agencies, brand and logo are interchangeable. To be clear they should be referring to your brand image or your brand logo – there is a difference. A logo is just a small part of your overall […]