Monthly Archives: October 2012

10 Things I Hate About Branding

Frankly it takes a lot of work to stay on top of my brand. ┬áIf only I could just push a button like the Staples “Easy Button” ( which I have on my desk). I hate that […]

101 Branding Tips Book Signing Tomorrow!

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I have a 101 Branding Tips book signing TOMORROW – FRIDAY (Oct 26) University of Windsor Small Business Centre opening. The Centre is giving away a free book every half […]

Get Your Expertise Out There

We are all experts in something. You might be humble in your discussion of your expertise, but be assured that you ARE an expert. I think that it’s imperative, that you share that expertise with your […]

How To Check If Someone’s A Scam

I got a call today from a person looking to get my business advertising using Facebook. While it was an interesting call, I don’t buy on the face of one call. I like to check things out and IF I’m interested I […]